Turbulent mixing in shallow lakes

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In our shallow lakes, such as Lake Balaton, the wind causes the movement of water, which manifests in currents and surface waves. These two processes create vertical turbulent mixing that stirs up and keeps the (nutrient-rich) sediment suspended. Therefore, turbulent mixing is a key factor in the water quality and habitat composition of the lake. This research aims to estimate the strength and attenuation of turbulence (more specifically, the turbulent kinetic energy production and dissipation) using both measurements and numerical models. It is necessary to investigate the role of flow-induced velocity shear, wave-induced orbital water motion, and buoyancy due to density differences in the evolution of turbulent mixing. We performed high-resolution measurements in the Keszthely basin, which forms the basis of analysis and can be used to validate a numerical model. The modeling also includes calculating the lake's temperature distribution by the depth

Matlab programming knowledge is required.

The research is recommended for up to two semesters!


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