DanubeSediment_Q2 is funded by the Danube Region Programme (co-funded by the EU) and aims to improve the management of sediment quantity and quality in the Danube River Basin to achieve environmental objectives. The main output is the first Integrated Sediment Management Plan (ISMP) for the Danube River Basin. We will recommend concrete solutions and upscaling options to be taken up by International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) in the next Danube River Basin Management Plan as well as Flood Risk Management Plan. To achieve this for the first time an improved and extended, combined sediment quantity and quality monitoring network and the outputs (i) new hydromorphological assessment method and (ii) sediment risk assessment method will be essential. Of central importance are the sediment management measures developed in an innovative co-design. For this reason, stakeholders are heavily involved in the discussion from the start. Their needs flow directly into the project. To develop new measures, monitoring and assessment is conducted and computer models are developed based on case studies as well as on physical model tests. Furthermore, new methods for assessing hydromorphology and the risk of the effects of a disturbed sediment balance are being developed.
The special objectives of the project are:
Improved sediment monitoring, data management and evaluation methods in the Danube River Basin
Feasibility of practical solutions to address sediment alteration being co-created with stakeholders
Developed transboundary Integrated Sediment Management Plan ISMP for the Danube River Basin
Further Information can be found here: https://interreg-danube.eu/projects/danubesediment-q2 
This project is a follow-up the DanubeSediment and SIMONA projects.